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100% pure, Antibiotic-free & Hormone-free cow milk Zero adulteration and contamination Nothing is added or extracted from the milk, except in the case of skimmed milk where the fat is extracted The milk reaches your home within hours of milking through a cold chain delivery process that prevents the growth of bacteria Untouched by hand till you open it Packed in tamper-evident glass bottles/gable top
BinalDairy milk is available in four delicious variants: Raw milk: Unprocessed milk that needs to be boiled before consumption. Pasteurized milk: Raw milk which is flash heated to 80 degrees Celsius and instantly chilled and seal-packed to kill bacteria that may be present. Pasteurised & Homogenised milk: Pasteurised milk is homogenised by breaking down the fat particles and mixing them in the milk. Skimmed milk: Milk from which the fat has been extracted.
We deliver milk or any other product on time, by morning 7am.